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We offer assessments for academic accommodations, general learning differences, and attention issues.  Psychoeducational assessments are individualized based on the student's areas of concern.  Academic accommodations may require coordination with your child's school.  Examples of possible accommodations can include extra time on standardized tests, having directions read aloud, simplified assignments, or use a calculator.  1508 accommodation requirements can be found in the Bulletin 1508.  

Psychoeducational assessments consist of three components- Initial Interview, Testing Session, and Feedback Session.  Each service is billed independently.  

At the student’s initial 50-minute visit, we will determine what type of assessment is needed.  The Initial Interview fee is due at this visit.  To schedule your child's testing date, half the testing fee is required.

The testing session can be completed within 3-4 hours depending on the child’s symptoms, cooperation, and attention level.  The remainder of the testing fee is due the day of testing.  Although most assessments are completed in one day, there are rare occasions that an additional day of testing may be needed if your child has difficulty completing the assessment with the allotted breaks.  If an additional day of testing is needed, there is no additional fee as long as the total assessment time remains within 3-4 hours.

Psychoeducational assessments are also available for college-level students.  These evaluations can be useful in identifying academic weaknesses and attention deficits that may not have been detected or addressed during grade school.


As opposed to the traditional paper/ pencil administration, we use digital technology to assess cognitive ability, academic achievement, attention level, and emotional status.  Utilizing iPads for test administration significantly increases accuracy of results and shortens wait time for feedback.  Students prefer this form of interactive assessment.  Parents and teachers appreciate the convenience of completing report measures in the comfort of their own homes and  classrooms. 


Psychoeducational Assessments

  • Intake Interview (50 minutes)                   

  • Psychoeducational Testing (4-6 hours)    

  • Feedback session (50 minutes)                                           





We do not currently accept insurance.  If your child is on a PPO plan, PALLC will be considered “out of network.” If you wish to be reimbursed for testing, you will need to consult their insurance company to determine their policies regarding mental health benefits for out-of-network providers.  It is highly recommended you consult with your child’s insurance company prior to scheduling testing. Although we will not file insurance claims on your behalf, you will be provided with the information needed for reimbursement from the insurance company (date of service, CPT code, and diagnosis) for each service rendered.  Payments can be made with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.


Psychoeducational reports are completed within 3-4 weeks after the completion of your child’s testing.  All test results and recommendations will be discussed during a 50-minute Feedback Session when you and your child will have the opportunity to ask any questions.  The Feedback Session fee is due at the time of this appointment and prior to your receipt of the report.  If you so choose, we will submit a copy of your child's report to their school.  Should you choose this option, a Authorization to Disclose Information form must be completed.   

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