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What others are saying about us...

"Dr. Perez was very professional yet extremely warm. She made my child, who usually takes a bit to get comfortable, totally relaxed. The strategy used to ask questions (playing a game) was definitely the right approach. I'm happy to recommend to all my other parents, and have already passed her contact information along."

"Dr. Perez was very friendly and informative. I would highly recommend

her to all of my friends and family."

"Dr. Perez was so wonderful while working with our pre-school aged toddler. Our

son needed a little extra encouragement through out the test and Dr. Perez's

kindness and patience helped him get through!"

"I appreciate the manner in which Dr. Perez put my son at ease before starting

the assessment. The setting was welcoming and comforting."



"Dr. Perez accommodated our scheduling requirements to ensure we will

receive our toddler’s gifted assessment results in time to make a decision on a

Pre K school.  She was personable and pleasant. My toddler warmed up to

her really fast. I will definitely recommend her to others."

"Overall attitude was kind, welcoming and great with kids. Thanks."

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